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EP-LF211 Agricultural Lawn Mower Gearbox


This right-angle Lawn Mower gearbox is designed for simple ‘snap fit’ diameter mounting in rotary cutters and manure pumps. Design features include industrial quality machine cut gear teeth, and high alloy steel heat treated shafts in malleable iron housing. Input is through a torque limiter or shear pin with output through a hub and taper root spline shaft. Anti-friction bearings improve the service life of the unit. This Lawn Mower Gearbox is a speed increasing box.

Part Name: Lawn Mower Gearbox
Industry Focus: Agricultural
Application: Gearbox For Lawn Mower
Casting Method: Sand Casting
Function: Speed Changing, Speed Reduction, Speed Increase
Usage: Agricultural Products Processing, Farmland Infrastructure, Planting and Fertilization
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Ratio 1:2.83
Teeth 34/12
Module 3.36
Power(HP) 20
Rated Input 540rpm
Input/Output Description 1-3/8 Z6 Optic axis
Weight(N.W) 14.5KG

Usage Scenario of Lawn Mower Gearbox

PTO Shafts for Agricultural Gearboxes

A PTO shaft is an extremely sophisticated mechanism that allows implements to draw energy from an engine. It works with a mechanical agricultural gearbox. A tractor drive shaft can be mounted on a vehicle’s transmission and is an essential part of the system. A high-quality PTO shaft should be durable enough to withstand torsion and minimize vibration. Ever-power manufactures a wide range of durable PTO shafts to meet all your requirements.


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Lawn Mower Gearbox Production Workshop

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